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What is Niobago?
From: Guangzhou, mazai skin industry Post date: 2018-04-24

Bull Barge is ground leather. Touch has a feeling of suede. Keep away from corrosive and oily objects. Clean the surface with clean water, 1, after wearing wipe dry, wipe on the maintenance oil. 2. Keep the storage dry and ventilated. Avoid exposure, fire, washing, chemical solvents. Use shoe polish and leather oil carefully to prevent contamination and discoloration. -Niobago.-what's Niobago? Niobago, also known as Niubago, is a transliteration of English nubuck. Ox Bargo, also known as polished cowhide; one of the first layers of skin; after polishing a layer of surface cortex and reaching the touch of the suede, the skin is thick and soft, the surface color, the fluff, the leather stripe, naturally formed, unsymmetrical and uniform. Mainly used for mountaineering shoes fabric. Cattle Barge is a leather material, is drawn down and light yellow color, the surface of the surface is similar to the fine hair of the suede head skin. Because it is a top layer, it is still much stronger than normal suede, although it weakens the strength of leather to some extent. Bubago belongs to the best leather in the leather. Because the surface is not sprayed with any dye or paint, any scar or flaw on the surface will be obvious. The surface is machined to feel fluffy. In the process of making leather, the leather is made into leather, and then softened by rod, the surface of the leather is softened, the handle is soft and smooth, and there is some elasticity, air permeability and good support and wear resistance in the drawing. Bubago-characteristics of Bubago

Niobago is imported from New Zealand TASMAN. It has been treated by WATERPROOF, durable, tough and breathable. Due to the good pull of leather, fine leather lines, comfortable wearing, so the price is not approachable; from 1.44mm-2.0mm Niu Barge, are widely used in various fields, such as furniture, shoes, clothing and so on for the most. 1.88mm leather for upper, its cost is very high, so few brands dare to use 2. 0 mm.


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