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Oh! The raw material giants are starting to raise prices again! Up to 20 percent?
From: Guangzhou, mazai skin industry Post date: 2018-04-24


In a recent announcement, BASF announced a rise in TDI prices, as follows: dear customers, BASF will raise the price of all LupranateTDI products by $0.10 per pound from February 1, 2018 or other contractual dates. It is understood that due to the rise in the price of polyol raw materials, BASF Group will raise the prices of all Pluracol polyols products by a range of 0.09 US dollars per pound, or about 1270 yuan per ton. The new price will begin on February 1, 2018. Or as the contract permits. Price increases may come from cost pressures or the need to balance supply and demand, suggesting that these two products have the ability to shift costs or raise prices under global demand. Higher prices are likely to lead to higher profits for related products. Dow Chemical Company will raise the price of products such as the following products in the U.S. market: Vorasurf, Vorasurf, Vorasurf, by $0.07 a pound, or about 1000 yuan per tonne. The new price will take effect as of February 1, 2018, or as the contract permits 


Switzerland's Clariant International Co., Ltd. announced a February 1 increase in the global price of all products containing titanium dioxide, carbon black, pigments, dyes and several additives. Hexion announced a price increase for all epoxy resins and bisphenol A in North America. The latest price will be executed on February 1, 2018 or as stipulated in the contract. This price adjustment is mainly driven by the rise in the cost of important raw materials. All other terms and conditions of sale remain unchanged. The chemicals company Lanxess announced a 20 percent increase in the price of Macrolex and Ceres brands of solvent dyes worldwide, with immediate effect. Longsheng said the price adjustment will have a major impact on solvent dyes in plastics and the automotive industry. Due to rising raw material prices and rising environmental, health, safety and maintenance costs, the price increases are inevitable. 

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